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District UIC

District 4A
Hillsboro - hrhoyt@comcast.net

District 1
Astoria - tpatterson@astoria.or.us

District 2
Albany, Corvalis, Benton County & North Coast - eotrudell@aol.com

Oregon ASA Amatuer Softball Association needs Umpires!

We are looking for someone who likes to have fun, enjoys the game of softball, would like to earn some extra income, and "get paid" while exercising! Meet new people and establish new relationships. For more information, please email the District Umpire in Chief in your district - PLAY BALL!

District UIC

District 3
St. Helens - blackcorner001@yahoo.com

District 4B
Washington County - dderick54@yahoo.com

District 5
Clackamas County - roegerp@comcast.net

Eastern Zone
Clackamas, Hood River, The Dalles and Eastern Oregon - roof778@yahoo.com

Central Zone
Yamhill, Marion, Polk Counties - knocknuk@comcast.net

District 7
Salem, North Marion County - gwhays@hotmail.com

District 9A
Eugene - dmblake@comcast.net

District 9B
Eugene - itssofun@comcast.net

District UIC

District 11
Grants PAss - dpardue79@charter.net

Southern Zone
Douglas, Coos, Jackson & Josephine Counties - umpjc@charter.net

District 12A
Medford - umpirejohn@charter.net

District 12B
City of Medford • Slow Pitch - umpdavid@charter.net

District 13
Klamath Falls - carolee1m@aol.com

District 16
Bend - othercat2004@yahoo.com

District 18
Hermiston / Pendleton - boston315@hotmail.com


2016 Oregon ASA - State Umpire School - "North" Flyer

Oregon 2014 Concussion Law
Please note the the 2016 Game Fee schedule has been posted and is available by clicking here.

To All USA Softball Umpires:

USA Softball has recently made available a few resources of interest to you and we would like you to access this information now.

New information includes:

Thank you, as always we appreciate your cooperation in keeping up with the latest news concerning USA Softball Umpires and its programs.

The USA Softball Umpire Staff

Plays and Clarifications 2013 ASA Equipment Committee Review
Oregon ASA Umpire Program
Oregon ASA registers nearly 300 umpires within the ASA Umpire Program. These umpires are proud because of the training they receive, the uniform they wear, the assignments they receive at the local area through the national level and the recognition they receive during their career. The goal of the Oregon ASA Umpire Program is to provide each umpire with the opportunity to succeed at completing their umpire responsibilities and to help them achieve their umpiring goals. The Oregon Umpire Program is administered by the Oregon ASA Umpire-in-Chief, with assistance from the Statewide Umpire Zone and District Umpire Staff. We hope everyone will enjoy the links in our Oregon ASA Umpire site, which serves as the source for state and national news including rule changes, umpire schools, local clinics, umpire equipment, tournament information and individual umpire programs.
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